Paintings by Dudley Hardy  1866 - 1922

Dudley Hardy created many superb paintings with his own distinct style - He painted vibrant middle-eastern scenes , superb figure studies , created many famous posters for Doyly-Carte and also loved to depict the fisher-folk of the northern French and Dutch coastlands

`The Caravan` 20" x 30 " Oil on canvas


`On the Terrace` 12 x 16" Gouache


`The Conversation` 16" x 20" water-colour

`Girls on a Beach , Northern France` 10 " x 8 " Water-colour


`Showers` 14" x 10" Water-colour and Gouache


`Low Tide`10" x 7" Water-colour and Gouache

`The Snake Charmer` 20" x 16 " Water-colour


`Woman and Wine` Dudley became renowned for his poster artwork in particular for the `Gilbert & Sullivan` Operas at the turn of the Century



An example of Dudley Hardy`s fathers work , the well documented and respected marine artist Thomas Bush Hardy