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Original Paintings For Sale

For sale here we have a wide selection of original artworks by various noted artists , all works in fine condition, expertly framed and including a number of works directly from the estate of Gyrth Russell

Please contact us to check for availability as many of these paintings will be on show at the

`Bartlett Street Antiques Centre` in Bath.

~ UK and Worldwide shipping arranged ~

`Port Loe, Cornwall ` Gyrth Russell
`Mannin Bay , Ireland` Gyrth Russell
`View to the sea , Gower coast ` Gyrth Russell
`Mealagh River , Ireland ` Gyrth Russell
`Fishlake canal , Doncaster`Gyrth Russell     (With sepia `Yorkshire Moors ` to reverse)
`Rhossilly Beach , Wales ` Gyrth Russell SOLD
` Farmyard , Bodorgan , Wales ` Gyrth Russell
`Ayre Road, Skye`Gyrth Russell
` Rouen market place , France ` Gyrth Russell - SOLD
`Summer Picnic` Henry Harris
`Shipping on the Thames` Gyrth Russell - SOLD
` Norwegian Fjord` Gyrth Russell - SOLD
`Claddaghduff Church , Ireland` Gyrth Russell
`Dockland scene` Gyrth Russell
`2 Ducks` Gyrth Russell - SOLD
Pinnacle Rock , Cornwall Gyrth Russel SOLD
` Norfolk farm ` Gyrth Russell SOLD
`Moored boats , Penarth` Sepia Gyrth Russell SOLD
`Rural landscape with Pony and Cart` Henry Harris
`Moored boats , Penarth` Gyrth Russell  -SOLD
    `Dawn Harbour` Adolphus Knell
`Moonlit Harbour` Adolphus Knell 
`Setting the Bird trap` William Muller
`Parisian Boulevard ` J. Soler
`Avallon , France `Artist unknown £195.00
`The Ambush` Sir John Gilbert
`Harvesting` Henry Harris
`Devon Cottage` A.M.Foweraker
`Red Dress` J. Soler






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