Reproduction Framing and Mirrors

Hand-made Overmantels and Wall Mirrors

.. on this page are the range of our exclusive hand-made Mirrors - All dimensions can be adjusted to your requirements as these mirrors are all created from start to finish exclusively by us..If you require a different size or specific painted colour just get in touch and we will be able to help...

..some of the smaller mirrors are `delivery included` .. but most of our mirrors are delivered by specialist courier - and so that cost depends on where you are in the country.. however they are still very reasonable and most importantly `careful` !


No. 41
Regency pedimented Triptych
No. 1
'Running Leaf' Archtop - Large
No. 55 Very Large Rococo triptych No. 76
Large French `chip-swept` Serpentine
No. 2
Ornamental Regency Overmantel
No. 24
Reeded Overmantel - Large
No. 24
Reeded overmantel (upright)
No. 40 Large Louis Phillipe mirror
No. 67
Large French Archtop

No. 73
Gold and silver leaf Louis Phillipe

No. 77
`Egg and Dart` Louis Phillipe
No. 5
Standard Regency Overmantel


No. 63 Crested `serpentine` mirror

No. 62
Very large Ornamental Archtop

No. 1
'Running Leaf' Archtop - Small
No. 31
'Egg & Dart' Archtop Overmantel 

No. 22
'Plain' Archtop Overmantel

No. 48 Large French Pier mirror

No. 61 Ribbon crested wall mirror
No. 23
'Ornamental Rope' Archtop    
No. 3
Triptych Overmantel 'Chariot' frieze
No. 7
Classical Victorian Overmantel
No. 45 Very Large Ornate crested Louis Phillipe mirror
No. 63 Medium `serpentine `mirror











No. 36 William IV Style Overmantle

No. 34 Small Triptych

No. 10
Large Regency Triptych

Hand-made Wall Mirrors









No. 58 French crested `Serpentine` wall mirror

No. 64 Floral wreath crested French mirror

No. 8
'Swags & Bows' Pier Mirror

No. 26 Large Reeded Wall Mirror




No. 59 Regency style pier mirror No.51 William IV style wall mirror No. 27
'Large' Shell motif Dressing Mirror
No. 42 Medium Louis Phillipe style Wall Mirror


No. 35 Classical Wall Mirror - (Upright or Horizontal) No. 28
Small 'Shell' motif Wall Mirror
No. 29 `Petit Console` shelf No. 20 Small Reeded Wall Mirror
No. 9
Standard Pier Mirror
No. 43 French `country - style`wall Mirror No. 21 Small Pier Mirror  




Mirror No. 67
Large French Archtop